Hey everyone! I'm pickles 💚🥒

I created my Instagram to find a place for myself in the cannabis community as well as to find friends and like-minded humans that love to just be themselves.

I use cannabis daily for my anxiety, depression and anorexia. Cannabis has made me feel normal again, eat more regularly and it is a true lifesaver!

My first time smoking cannabis I was 18 and I was going on my first party bus. So I rolled a pinner and smoked it out on my curb with my best friend at the time. All I remember is feeling relaxed, happy and ready for fun (which for me at 18 was way outta the norm). I had so much fun that night and it was all thanks to cannabis.

My favorite times smoking have been when me, my sister's, my husband and our friends used to get high at my parents place. We would take over the living room table with 3 bongs, an aqua lung and a gas mask and just get high and play games. So many memories from those days.

My likes: Cannabis, crochet, music, comedies, being with my family and friends, pizza, sushi, the color green, cycling, crown royal, and 90s tv shows.

My dislikes: ignorant people, spiders, guys who hit on married women, child abusers, bullies, gangsta rap, and anyone who sends d*ck pics.

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