Lead Canadian Sales Representative- Dayna Meehan / Aka Cannabis Barbiee:

Hey Loves!!! 

Barbiee here, or as some call me, Dayna or Day!! 

I created my instagram because I wanted to put myself out there as a Freelance Model, Promoter, and Gamer Girl!! 

I just recently took up Hula Hooping, and painting. I've been modeling since I was a baby starting off in Sears catalogues, up to where I am now working for myself, calling my own shots in regards to my modeling. And seeing as how I love cannabis as much as I love modeling, I decided to combine the two!!



I use cannabis for depression, anxiety, and to give me an appiete on the daily. It has truly been a life saver for me. 

The first ever time I can remember smoking I think I was in grade 10, my friend pulled me out of history class cause she "needed her sweater from my locker" (we went to a catholic school so from Thanksgiving until Easter it mandartory to wear your cardigan everyday) aka we went to the "Banks" (canal bank) which is what we called it to burn.


I probably went back smelling like hard core weed, but whatever, it was awesome and I went back to class super stoned!!

My most favorite time smoking would have to have been the first time I ever tried a gas mask!!! To this day it's still my favorite way to smoke next to just a big ol bong rip!!!

My LIKES: Cannabis, hula hooping, hippos, mushrooms, pink, coffee, bongs, Chihuahuas, being with family and friends, modeling, The X Files, Grey's Anatomy, photography, popcorn, hiking, candles, wine, and Batman.

My Dislikes: Beer, socks, pants, yogurt, curry, stupid people, deadbeat dads, ants, ladybugs, pretty much any bug, vanilla, joints, animal abuse, running, being cold, and smokers.

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